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Many come to Madeira to walk along the levadas, famous irrigation channels that deliver water to the north of the island, and which make for a delightful hike.

The magic of the levadas allows you to walk along a flat route to discover dizzying landscapes, such as the summit of Pico Ruivo, which reaches 1,862 metres; but also spectacular canyons such as the Ribeira grande; corries (vast, circular depressions), such as the Caldeirâo verde; or the splendid waterfalls along the 25 fountains levada.

You will walk through the heart of the first forest to be classed as a UNESCO world heritage site: the Laurisilva forest.

Hikes for all levels, for families or for expert hikers who can end the day with their feet in the water!


Picturesque villages with shimmering colours, where you will be warmly welcomed and have a chance to taste the island's specialities and drink the famous Madeira wine, prepared just as it was in the 17th century, using the estufa method.

You can also visit the island's many historical monuments and museums, such as the Funchal wine institute or the church of Our Lady of Monte.

And stroll through the traditional markets, such as the "Mercado dos Lavradores", which attracts tourists from all over the world with its spices, fruits and crafts.

For entertainment, take a ride in the "los carreiros" wicker toboggans, or take a cruise on the Santa Maria, a replica of one of Christopher Columbus' three ships, which will take you along the south coast on a cruise lasting a few hours, during which you can observe marine mammals...


On the island of Madeira, the fauna is as diverse and varied as the flora!

Due to its location, Madeira is on the migration route of more than 20 species of marine mammals, such as the bottlenose dolphin, the spotted dolphin, the humpback whale, the killer whale, etc.

It is also possible to come across sea turtles: the loggerhead sea turtle and the famous leatherback turtle!

The island is also of great ornithological interest due to the presence of many species of seabirds, including

three species of birds unique to the island: the Trocaz pigeon, Zino's petrel and our mascot, the Madeira firecrest!

On the ground, the Madeira lizard, a friendly, endemic species, will keep you company...

There are no dangerous species on the island, not even snakes. A true garden of Eden!


Various outdoor activities await you on the island, with the bonus of breath-taking views!

On the ground, there is unforgettable canyoning, jeep safaris, horse-riding...

In the water, you can dive, surf, kitesurf or windsurf. Or even the discover the view of the coast from the sea, with a trip on a magnificent catamaran!

In the air, you can discover the island from above while paragliding, or - for the less adventurous - from a helicopter!