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Alternative medicine has been part of my life for over twenty years. More than a profession, this is a passion of mine, to which I dedicate a great deal of time.

After having practised and taught, it is now time for me to share my experience.

As the garden at the Casas Serenas is such a delight for the senses, I wanted to create a space in total harmony with nature, where we promote relaxation and wellbeing of the body and mind by providing natural and professional responses.

“Cas'Arômes” was born from this desire, a place that fits with my current focus...

The treatments are suitable for everyone, adults and children alike!


How about you taking advantage of your holidays to get massaged … and return home in great shape!

Our cares are customised and provided by experienced professional therapists.

The environment: a ‘sweet’ hut in the ‘sweet’ garden…

The atmosphere: flowery, perfumed, soothing…

Participants: everyone, regardless of age, adults and children!

Time: All year round in Madere (the Island of eternal spring…) from morning to evening…


After a nice but extenuating day of sightseeing or hiking, imagine yourself in a 35/36°C bath with hydrojets massaging you… relaxation guaranteed…

Our Jacuzzi lies in a hut facing the garden.

You may come with your family, in a small group or all alone.


We are pleased to offer themed walks across the luxuriant vegetation.

During these walks, you will be provided with entertaining exercises before subse- quently getting into practice.

Now, are you ready to come and discover some well-hidden secrets? On Madere’s lovely pathways!